Thursday, May 07, 2015

Big Brother is alive and well, but his Orwellian agenda is flat un-American

Obama-Big-brotherThis Republic was founded to protect the minority of citizens that would be productive and entrepreneurial, because the Founding Fathers knew that government could eventually become the engine of tyranny (financial and otherwise) if left unchecked.

When FDR’s court packing plan frightened the Supreme Court into validating the Social Security Act under Congress’ power “to regulate interstate commerce,” the die was cast. Since then, every expansion of the welfare state and its attendant regulations has been premised upon the Commerce Clause.

Obamacare was this country’s Waterloo on the scope of the clause, and even though Chief Justice Roberts’ opinion predicated the law’s validity upon it being a tax, the Left is further emboldened, because Obama will get to appoint more Supreme Court justices that see the Constitution as a “living breathing document” that must be interpreted as “our society evolves.”

Social Security is no longer an “income supplement” but now considered the mainstay to “guarantee a retirement with dignity,” as is Medicare, which at its start in 1966 initially had a 50% co-pay and cost $3 billion. Just prior to its passage, the House Ways and Means Committee estimated that Medicare would cost only about $12 billion by 1990 (a figure that included an allowance for inflation). This was a supposedly “conservative” estimate. But in 1990 Medicare actually cost $107 billion. and was supposed to cost only 10 billion dollars in 10 years.

Add Medicaid and the expansion of government programs to redistribute wealth, with the attendant punitive taxation that seeks to pay for them (but which is impossible) and this is the best illustration of how, and why, America has indeed lost its way under Barack Obama.

The notion of “paying your own way” is now outdated.

Our Constitution need not be amended, but can instead be “reinterpreted” by the Supreme Court and an increasingly pliable and ignorant citizenry cares not a whit, because their increasing and incessant desires for help from “Da Gub Mint” keep coming, even though everyone with a brain knows that this whole thing is financially unsustainable.

Illegal immigrants are not seen as lawbreakers, but as those we must “bring out of the shadows” and reward their purposefully illegal behavior with “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” that essentially flouts the rule of law.

Those who demand and obtain the government’s succor through obtaining subsidies (corporations and individuals) all have become powerful constituencies, whereas those who ask for little or nothing, but pay the majority of the expense for all of this, have nobody speaking for them.

And this entire process and way of thinking continues to accelerate with each passing decade.

The moochers and looters have allies in the media, in the Congress and on the Supreme Court (not to mention the White House). We have no structural braking mechanism on big government’s growth, and notice how the Tea Party is derided by the mainstream media as “extremist” for merely wanting limited government.

We have indeed lost our way because we’ve lost our principles, or perhaps better said, they have been brusquely cast aside in favor of the expediency of doing what feels good, instead of what’s morally correct.

Washington is dominated by a ruling class who has nothing but contempt for those who take this kind of risk, seeing us only as an ATM to fund the Welfare State, and heaven help you if you don’t willingly agree to “fork it over” via punitive income taxation, or you’re a reptile who is selfish, greedy, etc., whereas the takers are somehow all anointed with being everlastingly worthy and deserving.

To be pithy and succinct, we have willingly been transformed through forced change, encouraged and coerced by a government that is led by an agenda rather than doing the limited job it was intended to do. We are now governed by over regulation, political correctness, globalism, progressive excesses, and worst of all, leaders who will stop at nothing to have it their way instead of the people’s way, and their way is a utilitarian socialist state.

Just look at our schools for an example. Respect is completely absent for authority as we have bred a new generation of spoiled brats and thugs, all as a result of a grand plan. I marvel at the youngsters who overcome this and relate to the wholesome values less popular.

The Obama administration has relied on coercion, deception, media partnership, and secrecy to “have it their way”. Think for a moment about the data-mining via NSA. That’s a tool that is sold on being an anti-terrorism filter, yet doesn’t it also offer a tool for the destruction of political adversaries through blackmail as well?

Political opponents, like all people, have personal skeletons. Knowing the linkage of who they talk to and when can become a weapon of coercion. I’m thinking Petraeus right now, but there are certainly others. This coercion is aimed at quieting the opposition so as to not interrupt the ongoing transition.

We are in a time reminiscent of J Edgar Hoover, but on steroids. The danger of living under a dragnet where even a posting like this is recorded and “data mined” makes me wonder what we have become and whether our freedoms are gradually but truly slipping away.

Yes, Big Brother is alive and well, but his Orwellian agenda is flat un-American.

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