Monday, May 25, 2015

Barack Obama: I have been called the first Jewish President

Speaking at a Jewish American Heritage Month celebration at the Adas Israel synagogue in Washington, D.C., Barack Obama said that he has been called "the first Jewish President."

"Most of all, I want to thank the entire congregation of Adas Israel for having me here today.

"Earlier this week, I was actually interviewed by one of your members, Jeff Goldberg. Jeff reminded me he once called me the first Jewish president.

"Now, since some people still seem to be wondering about my faith, I should make clear this is an honorary title, but I was flattered. And as an honorary member of the tribe not to mention somebody who has hosted 7 White House seders and has been advised by and been advised by two Jewish chiefs of staff, I can also say that I am probably getting a little bit of the hang of the lingo.

"But I will not use any of the Yiddishisms that Rahm Emanuel taught me because I want to be invited back. Let's just say he had some creative synonyms for shalom," President Obama said.

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