Thursday, May 14, 2015

All passengers from Amtrak accident accounted for: Engineer claims not to remember derailment

On Thursday, Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter confirmed that all the passengers on the deadly Amtrak train have been accounted for.

"I just received that final confirmation. We believe that we have now accounted for all 243 individuals on -- that we believe were on Amtrak train number 188 from Tuesday night. All of the individuals that we believe that we were looking for or were trying to identify have all now been accounted for.

"Unfortunately, again, we must now report that we have confirmed eight deceased from this horrible tragedy. Eight deceased from this horrible tragedy, but all individuals that we had any reason to believe were on that train have now been accounted for, and we know their whereabouts completely," Nutter said.

The attorney for Amtrak engineer Brandon Bostian said that his client currently has no memory of the accident that killed eight people and sent over 200 more to the hospital.

"He remembers coming into the curve (and) attempting to reduce speed. The last thing he recalls is coming to, looking for his bag, getting his cell phone, turning it on and calling 911," attorney Robert Goggin said.

Questions remain as to why the train was traveling at over 100 mph, when the speed limit for that section of track was only 50 mph.


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