Monday, April 13, 2015

Ted Cruz: We're ready for Hillary — We know exactly what to expect


U.S. Senator and 2016 GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz wasted no time on Sunday in attacking Hillary Clinton after she announced she was launching her second presidential campaign.

"Hillary Clinton just announced what we've known for a long time — she's running for president, again. But the good news is that we're ready for Hillary — we know exactly what to expect.

"Hillary Clinton represents the failed policies of the past and there’s going to be a very clear choice to make in 2016. Does America want a third Obama term or are we ready for strong conservative leadership to make America great again?

"Her announcement raises a critical question: Is the world a safer place because Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State? The answer is obvious. No.

"The Obama-Clinton national security policies have made the world more dangerous for America and for our allies. She designed and implemented 'leading from behind.' On her watch we have witnessed the rise of Russia, Iran, and ISIS. Radical Islamic terrorists are on the march.

"Here at home, the Obama-Clinton economic policies have made life harder and harder for millions of hard-working Americans.

We know that a Hillary Clinton Administration would be no different than an Obama Administration," Cruz said.


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