Monday, April 20, 2015

Slate: Sports Kisscams are Sexist, Homophobic, Must be Banned

An older article from Salon that perfectly encapsulates much of the vitriol that is spreading around the internet lately. If you've ever been to a professional sports game, you've likely seen or perhaps have been a part of the Kiss Cam. Basically, the camera will pan for couples in the crowd and put them on the big screen, compelling them to kiss.

Salon and internet 'progressives' have had enough. Salon ran an article in late 2013 calling the practice 'Heterosexist and Juvenile.' And that was just the headline.

Author Mark Joseph Stern has decided to launch an attack on the practice, which often elicits cheers from the crowd and kisses from happy couples.
At best, the kiss cam reinforces heterosexual norms and excludes gay people. At worst, it mocks same-sex affections and creates an atmosphere of homophobia.

Others on Twitter were quick to come up with the same conclusions:

The Canadian Globe and Mail comes to a similar conclusion, stating that despite the fact that "The ballpark has two nights designated specifically for gay fans and even had an openly lesbian U.S. Senator throw out the first pitch at a recent game." The act of having heterosexual couples kiss is still homophobic.

Their solution is not terribly practical, however:
But in regard to the kiss-cam conundrum, there’s a simple choice: Kill the tradition altogether or start featuring people of the same sex kissing. At this point, including gay couples in the fun is simply the sporting thing to do.

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  1. Translation: "we're angry because no-one wants to see to guys sucking face."

    The constant whinging of the abnormal 2% got old quite some time ago.