Thursday, April 02, 2015

John Kerry on preliminary nuclear agreement with Iran: Solid foundation for the good deal that we are seeking

Once again, the Obama administration is nothing short of naive when it comes to dealing with Iran.

Secretary of State John Kerry said on Thursday that the preliminary nuclear agreement reached with Iran is a "solid foundation for the good deal that we are seeking."

"I think you've heard me say it again and again -- that we will not accept just any deal. That we will only accept a good deal. Today, I can tell you that the political understanding with details that we have reached is a solid foundation for the good deal that we are seeking.

"It is the foundation for a deal that will see Iran reduce its stock pile of enriched uranium by 98% for 15 years. It is a deal in which Iran will cut its installed centrifuges by more than two-thirds for ten years. It's a deal to increase Iran's breakout time --confirmed publicly today to be two to three months. And that is the time that it would take Iran to speed up its enrichment, in order to produce enough fissile material for one nuclear weapon. And that will be expanded now under this deal to this deal to one year from those two to three months. That is obviously as much as six times what it is today, and what it has been for the past three years," Kerry said.

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