Wednesday, April 22, 2015

GOP Congressman Steve Knight to immigration protester: I’ll drop your a**


During a heated exchange following his open house event in Simi Valley, California this past weekend, U.S. Rep. Steve Knight (R-CA) apparently had enough and threatened to get physical with an immigration protester.

Protester: "You told me you didn't vote for amnesty and you did. I looked it up on the Internet. You lied to me.

Knight: "Okay Mike, hey. If you touch me again, I'll drop your ass. Don't touch me.

Protester: "I shook your hand."

Knight: "One more time, Mike. Understand, I never voted for amnesty. Never."

In a statement to Pundit Press, Knight said that he lost his cool and regrets what he said to the man.

“I have dealt with this group on several occasions and every time they try to escalate our conversations to a level that is not constructive.

“Over this past weekend, I lost my cool and I regret responding the way I did," Knight said.


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