Monday, March 16, 2015

Rand Paul: Does Hillary Clinton have the judgement to lead the nation?

U.S. Senator and potential 2016 GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul (R-KY) notes there are some serious questions as to whether former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has the judgement to lead our nation. Paul's remarks came during a discussion about the current email scandal involving Clinton.

"When you go into high ranking office, here’s the thing, all government records will remain with the government. They actually sign an exit statement. I believe, we will have to find out if she signed a statement saying all government records belong with the government and they haven’t taken anything with them.

"This is a real problem and some people say, “Is that really a law? Could that really be prosecuted?” It’s perjury.

General Petraeus was recently accused of the same thing, having classified information in an inappropriate location outside of government. I think convenience should never trump national security.

"I’m worried she left government records in an unsecured site. She wasn’t obeying the law by keeping her email on a government server. And now we’re supposed to trust her that she only deleted the ones that had to do with her personal activities?

"It’s all about judgement. Does she have the judgement to lead the nation? Can we trust someone who says, “The law is fine. The ambassador is not allowed to do this. And I’m going to fire the ambassador, but me? I’m above the law.”

"I think the American people are not going to like that," Paul said.


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