Sunday, March 15, 2015

Obama administration confirms the United Nations will play key role in Iran nuclear deal


Further proof this nuclear deal with Iran is doomed for failure.

In a letter from President Obama's chief of staff Denis McDonough to Senate Foreign Relations Committee chair Bob Corker, the Obama administration confirmed that the United Nations will play a key role in the nuclear deal with Iran.

"The United Nations Security Council will also have a role to play in any deal with Iran.

"Just as it is true that only Congress can terminate U.S. statutory sanctions Iran, only the Security Council can terminate the Security Council's sanctions on Iran. Because the principal negotiators of an arrangement with Iran are the five permanent members of th Security Council, we anticipate that the Security Council would pass a resolution to register its support for any deal and increase its international legitimacy. A resolution would also increase the international pressure on Iran to live up to the deal and would expand the risks if they failed to do so.

"The Administration's request to the Congress is simple: let us complete the negotiations before the Congress acts on legislation.

"The Administration is committed to sharing the details and technical documents related to a long-term comprehensive deal with Congress. If we successfully negotiate a framework by the end of this month, and a final deal by the end of June, we expect a robust debate in Congress. We will aggressively seek public and congressional support for a deal -- if we reach one -- because we believe a good deal far better than the alternatives available to the United States.

"We understand that Congress will make its own determinations about how to respond, but we do not believe that the country's interests are served by congressional attempts to weigh in prematurely on this sensitive and consequential ongoing international negotiation aimed at achieving a goal that we all share: using diplomacy to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon," McDonough wrote.

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