Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Benjamin Netantahu declares victory in Israeli election

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared victory in the Israeli elections on Tuesday that are still too close to call at this point.

"Against all odds, a great victory for the Likud, a great victory for the national camp led by the Likud, a great victory for Israel," Netanyahu said on Facebook.

Reports coming out of Israel indicate that Netanyahu has already started contacting potential partners to put together a majority coalition.

The Zionist Union noted that Netanyahu's declaration of victory is premature.

"The Likud continues to err. The right-wing bloc has gotten smaller. Everything is open until the final results are in and we will know which parties passed the electoral threshold and what kind of government we can form.

"All of the spin and the commentary is too early. We have formed a negotiating team with the goal of putting together a coalition led by Herzog," the Zionist Union said.


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