Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Barack Obama is just a bad President

Barack Obama

I am entirely disgusted with the liberal left's obsession with Barack Obama's race. And in that regard, what could be more racist than liberals voting a person's color above all else?

Obama is recklessly driving us into the worst debt crisis of any President in history. Blocking his spending proposals should be bipartisan, but it isn't because the left doesn't care about the economic security of this country.

It is not the color of Obama's skin, but the content of his policies that conservatives don't like.

Obamacare is bad policy. The country didn't like it when Bill and Hillary Clinton tried it, we don't like it now. Any policy that is approved with a $1 trillion dollar deficit, despite having 10 years of revenues and 6 years of costs, is a bad policy.

President Obama talks about bi-partisan deficit reduction that is fair. The Simpson-Bowles debt commission was bi-partisan and they studied the issue for months. When their recommendation came out, Obama ran from it.

The Obama administration has taken a very aggressive turn to the left and is having an impact on job growth. The Keystone pipeline is a classic example. It was submitted for approval in 2008 and is still not approved. There are countless other examples - all of which weigh down private industry and reduce growth.

Fifty years from now, they will say President Obama was a failure because of the decline in America due to bad policies and excess deficit spending. They will not say that he failed because of racism, they will say he failed because his polices were wrong.

Obama's inability, or unwillingness, to work with the opposition is astounding. Anecdotal commentary aside, the President is openly hostile to anyone who disagrees with him. The President's biggest problem is his poor leaderships efforts, perhaps rooted in lack of skills.

In his first term, Obama outsourced his two biggest initiatives, the stimulus and health care, to his liberal congressional buddies, both with disastrous results. Obama's efforts to court opposition were limited to cosmetics and lectures.

Throughout his presidency, Obama has been known as the Blamer in Chief. The President never takes responsibility for anything, the lousy economy in particular. Our nation is careening towards bankruptcy, while meandering through persistently sluggish growth and high unemployment numbers).

The economic collapse in 2008, was not "the greatest collapse since the 1930s." The economy wrecked by Jimmy Carter was in far worse shape, and Ronald Reagan fixed it with significant economic growth, while at the same time lowering taxes and bringing down the USSR.

Obama can claim no similar achievement.

President Obama ended, but did not win, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is withdrawing troops with no regard for the consequences.

Killing Osama bin Laden, while the right decision, was a no-brainer. Any reasonably competent leader would have made the same decision. Obama, with his constant use of the first person pronoun, would have us believe he pulled the trigger. In touting this "personal" achievement, there is no doubt Obama compromised sensitive security information.

Obama is now abandoning the Middle East and North Africa to ISIS and various al Qaeda affiliates (no, Al Qaeda is not on the run).

Instead of "reforming a broken health care system," Obama has destroyed what was best in it, and made its worst features worse. Obamacare has no redeeming virtues. It is a disaster, and will become only worse. The cost will be overwhelming.

The President claims to be standing up for consumer protection. Obama's Consumer Financial Protection Board is a complicated, regulatory disaster that institutionalizes "too big to fail," and will provide no meaningful protection for consumers. This is an example of the nanny state gone wild.

Obama did not overhaul the student loan system. Overhauling, no. Federalizing, yes, so now taxpayers are on the hook. Student loans now exceed any other type of consumer debt, with an astoundingly high default rate. And we should be happy about this?

I would evaluate Obama's first term as a failure, to be exceeded only by his second term.

I don't think it is difficult to quantify, race had somewhere between zero and very little to do with the opposition by conservatives. Many of these folks would have gladly supported, and in some cases did support, several black candidates.

Most conservatives that I know, including myself, have high regard for Dr. Ben Carson, Mia Love, Herman Cain, Ward Connerly, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, Dr. Martin L. King, and many more.

At one time, conservatives even held Colin Powell in high esteem, but then he decided to join the Liberal Evangelists Party.

It is Obama's lack of belief in the principles that made the U.S. great that likely conservatives not vote for him. Many of these conservatives have retired from years as laborers or as business owners. They know the value of a meritocratic society.

President Obama does not have a clue what meritocracy means because he never had to put his tail on the chopping block to make a business fly. Indications are that Obama was sponsored through school and did not do this with his own toils, like so many hard working Americans had to do. Many conservatives see Obama as an idealist who never had to prove himself.

Also, to complete this picture, there were the minorities who voted against Obama. I will bet that these folks are of the same background and got to where they are by hard work and a belief in a system of meritocracy and advancement through their own toil.

I will also bet that these same people do not believe in the philosophies of Rev. Wright, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and all those who preach dependency. These mongers of hate preach that your problems are out of your control and are caused by somebody else.

Enter Barack Obama, who tells people your problems are not of their own making, someone else did it to you, and that government is your salvation in a religious-like chant during many of his addresses to the public.

I think the liberal left needs to do a little more research before accusing conservatives of being racist against every word Obama speaks. Liberals are way off base that conservatives did not support Obama because of the color of his skin.

Such comments by liberals are racist in their own right.

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