Friday, February 20, 2015

The Last Year Has Been Worst Yet for Comcast and PR

Comcast's troubles go well beyond just the easily seen. The amount of corporate abuse and disregard for its own customers have sickened millions across the country, including having the CEO's own mother called to complain.

Below we can see a clear pattern of manipulation and incompetence that is accelerating as the company grows.

Just this month a Comcast employee was arrested for stealing over $100,000 from employee 401(k) plans. The looseness of the secret data and the corporate culture sparked such a crime:
She had access to a spreadsheet of information about Comcast 401(k) accounts that was sent to Fidelity every pay period and had the ability to create accounts and include information about the accounts on spreadsheets for Fidelity.

Even simple actions that the company is supposed to be skilled at are impossible. Spotty service was the norm:

Of course, Comcast was again voted one of the worst companies in the country last year...again. Comcast has built upon their already difficult relations with their own customers, the corporation appears to be digging a deeper hole. We can see how the corporation's attempt to manipulate the FCC and other agencies in opposition to regulatory changes. Beyond manipulating the government, it becomes obvious that the company's rapport with the common person is not increasing, either. This can be clearly seen in this customer "service" call from 2014.

The most visible example of Comcast's media arm at NBC has been Brian Williams, who has run into severe problems. His connection to the telecommunications giant has not been touched upon as much as it should:

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