Wednesday, February 04, 2015

NBC News anchor Brian Williams admits he lied about being hit by RPG fire in Iraq

220px-Brian_Williams_2011_ShankboneOn Wednesday, NBC Nightly News" anchor Brian Williams admitted that he made a false statement about being aboard a helicopter in Iraq which was shot down by RPG fire during the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

"On this broadcast last week in an effort to honor and thank a veteran who had protected me and so many others after a ground fire incident in the desert during the Iraq invasion I made a mistake in recalling the events of 12 years ago, it did not take long to hear from some brave men and women and the aircrews who were also in that desert.

"I want to apologize, I said I was traveling in an aircraft that was hit by RPG fire. I was instead in a following aircraft. We all landed after the ground fire incident and spent two harrowing nights in a sandstorm in the Iraq desert.

"This was a bungled attempt by me to thank one special veteran and by extension our brave military men and women veterans everywhere, those who have served while I did not. I hope they know they have my greatest respect and also now my apology," Williams said.


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