Sunday, February 15, 2015

Copenhagen Shooter Omar El-Hussein Had Been Released from Prison Two Weeks Ago

In what is looking like a colossal blunder, the Copenhagen shooter was released from prison. This came after his violent history had been tracked by Danish officials. Yesterday Omar El-Hussein killed two and injured five others at a free speech conference and synagogue.

The 22 year old shooter had a long rapsheet and was under surveillance. The London Telegraph is reporting that he was released after serving a two year prison sentence for a violent crime. The shooter was born in Denmark and seemed to have been inspired by recent events:
"He was on the radar but he was not known to have travelled to conflict areas like Iraq or Syria," Mr Madsen said. "We cannot yet say anything concrete about the motive ... but we are considering that he might have been inspired by the events in Paris," he told a news conference.

Four men believed to be accomplices were arrested today as part of the investigation.

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  1. Is it just me or do all these terrorists share that same name....HUSSEIN???? ((just like our president))