Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Al Sharpton and Eric Garner's family respond to new James O'Keefe video

Rev. Al Sharpton Holds News Conference At National Action Network's OfficeAl Sharpton, the widow of Eric Garner and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio have all responded to a new undercover video released by James O'Keefe on Tuesday that is very critical of Sharpton.

It is very interesting that they, when they reached the people in the video, the people contradicted what was in the video.

“Not only do I think the video was taken out of context, there is nobody in that video that said I did anything with money,” Sharpton said.

Eric Garner’s mother, Gwen Carr, and widow, Esaw Snipes-Garner, issued a statement saying that the video is “deeply misleading.”

“As the mother and head of the estate of Eric Garner, and the widow of Eric Garner, let us be clear: We reached out and asked for help and assistance from Rev. Al Sharpton and National Action Network in the wake of Eric’s death.

"National Action Network and Rev. Al Sharpton have honored all of our requests, including covering the expenses of Eric’s funeral.

“We believe that their involvement is solely based on their commitment for justice for Eric and our family. It is National Action Network’s policy that they do not accept monies or even reimbursement from victim’s families.

"Erica made it clear in this New York Post article that the way the interview was conducted was extremely deceptive and her comments were taken out of context.

“We appreciate the work that National Action and Rev. Sharpton has done and continues to do for our family," Gwen Carr and Esaw Snipes-Garner said in the statement.

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