Thursday, January 08, 2015

Obama administration plans to redouble efforts explaining the “true tenets of Islam”

Obama-drinkingMore policies of appeasement from the Obama administration.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said that the Obama administration plans to “redouble” efforts to explain “what the tenets of Islam actually are.”

Reporter: “On the U.S. response to the attack in France, is the U.S. concerned about any risk here from this group or similar groups, and is there any plan to raise threat levels or anything like that in response to the attacks in France?”

Earnest: "What I can tell you is that today’s events in Paris that are so tragic are a reminder of how important it is for everybody to be vigilant about the threats that we face. I don’t say that to hint that somehow the French fell short of needed vigilance, only that today’s tragic terror attack is an indication of just how serious a threat we face.

"And there are men and women in the U.S. national security infrastructure that are working around the clock to try to protect the American people and American interests both here at home and around the world.

“There are some individuals that are using a peaceful religion and grossly distorting it, and trying to use its tenets to inspire people around the globe to carry out acts of violence. And we have enjoyed significant success in enlisting leaders in the Muslim community, like I said, both in the United States and around the world to condemn that kind of messaging, to condemn those efforts to radicalize individuals, and to be clear about what the tenets of Islam actually are.

"And we’re going to redouble those efforts in the days and weeks ahead."

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