Friday, January 02, 2015

NYC Police Commisoner Bill Bratton warns officers not to turn backs on Mayor de Blasio


New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton has issued a memo to NYPD officers not to turn their backs on NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio during the upcoming funeral for slain officer Wenjian Liu.

“A hero’s funeral is about grieving, not grievance.

“I issue no mandates and I make no threats of discipline. But I remind you that when you don the uniform of this department, you are bound by the tradition, honor, and decency that go with it.

“The country’s consciousness of that funeral has focused on an act of disrespect shown by a fraction of those officers.

“All officers were painted by it, and it stole the valor, honor, and attention that rightfully belonged to the memory of detective Rafael Ramos’s life and service. That was not the intent, I know. But it was the result,” Bratton said in the memo.


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  1. I disagree. Cops, turn your backs. This is a free country. Why should only the despicable protesters insult the grieving by expressing their grievances after Mayor Bill de Blasio asked them not to protest during Officer Ramos's funeral? Fair is fair. As an Asian, I am incensed that Mayor de Blasio forced his Police Commissioner Bratton to send you such a disrespectful memo for Officer Liu's funeral. Since the despicable protesters had their say, I want the cops to have their say also. Mayor de Blasio should resign! He is the most despicable mayor in the land. Asians throughout U.S. history have never protested their grievances, and we have a lot of grievances including the despicable FDR throwing my relatives into concentration camps during World War II. Cops, please turn your backs on Mayor de Blasio. He deserves no respect!