Saturday, December 20, 2014

Two NYPD Officers Shot Execution Style by Black Man Enraged by Garner, Brown Decision

News is coming out quick after two NYPD officers were shot execution style by a black man in their squad car. Conflicting reports hve the gunman either dead or in custody. One report had him committing suicide. The man's identity is still being discovered, but his Instagram account seems to indicate that he was after the police for the recent court decisions regarding the Garner and Brown cases.

UPDATE: The alleged shooter identified as Ismail Brinsley.

UPDATE: The shooter appears to be a Muslim.



From a month ago:


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  1. Okay, now that the roles are reversed, will we see outrage from the community? I doubt it. Too much double standards. Disgusting!

  2. […] It also appears that the yet unnamed Brooklyn shooter was also a Muslim, according to his Instagram account. We can see several instances where he professes his faith and celebrates the important feast of Eid-al-Mubarak. More information here. […]

  3. Just an excuse for the cops to kill another black man

  4. The responsibility for the senseless killings in Brooklyn, New York, of the two innocent police officers fall on the heads of four guilty individuals who have been stirring up the nation to racial armed conflict:

    1. Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States, who is the great Divider-in-Chief
    2. Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States Department of Injustice, who has constantly broken the law and stirred up racial tensions throughout the United States. This man is supposedly the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the United States. What a farce!
    3. Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City, who as the Commander-in-Chief of the New York Police Department stirred up the Black protesters to violence against all police officers throughout the country
    4. Al Sharpton, Rabblerouser-in-Chief of all militant Blacks in the United States. This tax-evading criminal should be jailed immediately.

    The murders of these two innocent NYPD police officers are solely the responsibility of these four corrupt, criminal leaders in the United States. They should be arrested, tried, convicted, and either executed or imprisoned for their high crimes and misdemeanors.

  5. Gee Larry, if the Black Muslim didn't Murder the two Police Officers in Cold Blood, you wouldn't have had to Post such a STUPID Comment.
    Pray tell, what "excuses" do you think the Police use to kill Blacks?
    Let's see, Robbing a Store, attacking a Police Officer and trying to take the Officer's Firearm? That isn't an excuse, it's a statement of Facts.
    Nice to know you are concerned for the Families of the Two Police Officers who were MURDERED for just doing their Job protecting the Innocent.
    You are obviously just another Clueless, Classless Race Baiting Rabble Rouser.

  6. Written like a true EE---cryptic and and illogical.