Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ismail Brinsley Instagram Information

The brutal shooting in Brooklyn today was allegedly perpetrated by Ismail Brinsley. Below is some of the information he posted on his Instagram account:asshole









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  1. The responsibility for the senseless killings in Brooklyn, New York, of the two innocent police officers fall on the heads of four guilty individuals who have been stirring up the nation to racial armed conflict:

    1. Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States, who is the great Divider-in-Chief
    2. Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States Department of Injustice, who has constantly broken the law and stirred up racial tensions throughout the United States. This man is supposedly the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the United States. What a farce!
    3. Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City, who as the Commander-in-Chief of the New York Police Department stirred up the Black protesters to violence against all police officers throughout the country
    4. Al Sharpton, Rabblerouser-in-Chief of all militant Blacks in the United States. This tax-evading criminal should be jailed immediately.

    The murders of these two innocent NYPD police officers are solely the responsibility of these four corrupt, criminal leaders in the United States. They should be arrested, tried, convicted, and either executed or imprisoned for their high crimes and misdemeanors.

  2. Bob Uda fails to mention the many influences of history on this list that have caused and/or influenced the current state of this country. But that shit doesn't matter when innocent lives of cops are taken. What about the innocent lives taken to this country? Or the ones that were already here? Can't blame Obama for that right? Hell even Jesus was strung up on a tree too. The story's been told over and over.

  3. The only one stirring racial tensions is you, Bob T Uda

  4. Perfectly stated. Except for the "execution" part. The good guys aren't killers. Let them rot in jail.

  5. @Chris and Billshakez: On the contrary, I am attempting to stop those who have caused great racial division in the United States and world. I have a lot to complain myself, but I do not take it out on others by rioting, burning, and killing.

    Being an American of Japanese ancestry (AJA), I have experienced racial prejudice and discrimination during my entire nearly 73 years of living in the United States. President FDR threw my ancestors and relatives into concentration camps during World War II. The United State stole their land, personal property, and dignity by treating them worse than second-class citizens.

    Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (otherwise known as Mormons) my whole life, I have been discriminated against throughout my life. The early Mormons were killed, had their homes burned and property stolen, and they were driven West to the Rocky Mountains to build a life in the Utah territory. Missouri Governor Lilburn Boggs signed Executive Order 44 in 1838 and implemented an extermination order against the Mormons.

    Therefore, I have a lot to bitch and complain about and to harbor a victim mentality. However, I do not believe in practicing a self-destructive way of thinking and acting. Hence, I do not consider bettering myself by killing those I consider as my enemies. I do not vandalize, burn, pillage, and plunder other people's property because of my grievances. I do not picket, riot, and yell nasty chants in the streets. I do not lie, cheat, and steal to get ahead.

    No, I try to work within the system to correct the many wrongs we have in our society. If I did not like it here, I would move to another country. I would not attempt physically to tear down this country to build myself up. Apparently, that is the path you gentlemen would rather take, and that is why you attempt to stop people like me who try to effect change by using the pen, which is mightier than the sword. What I am doing is better than your buddy, Barry Soetoro, who is screwing our nation with his Executive Orders (just like Lilburn Boggs) and using his pen and cell phone instead of working within the system with the other two branches of government.

    Remember, Michael Brown and Eric Garner were not innocent victims of death by cops. They were two-bit criminals who resisted arrest, which caused their demise. Cops have stopped me several times throughout my life. In every case, I behaved respectfully towards the cops and survived the ordeal. Had I acted the way those two deceased men acted, I would not have reached my 73rd year in life. This is a simple code of conduct, called “respect for authority,” that people with the victim mentality do not seem to understand and follow. If they did, both Brown and Garner would still be alive today.


    Dr. Bob Uda

  6. @ MB: I did say "either executed or imprisoned" depending on the severity of their crimes.

  7. I thought you were a great mind, but I can see that you are not when it comes to black people. Blaming the victims, seriously? Let's continue to blame a few: Such victim-blaming is central to white supremacy.

    1. Eric Garner deserved to die because he sold loose cigarets. This is by no means the fault of the policeman who refused to release the hold when G was crying and begging to be out of breath.
    2. Emmett Till should not have whistled at a white woman.

    3. Amadou Diallo should not have reached for his wallet.

    4. Trayvon Martin should not have been wearing a hoodie.

    5. Jonathan Ferrell should not have run toward the police after getting into a car accident.

    6. Renisha McBride should not have been drinking or knocked on a stranger's door for help in the middle of the night.

    7. Jordan Davis should not have been playing loud rap music.

    8. Michael Brown should not have stolen cigarillos or allegedly assaulted a cop.

    The irony is these statements are made in a society where white men brazenly walk around with rifles and machine guns, citing their constitutional right to do so when confronted by the police. Look at the twitter campaign "#CrimingWhileWhite" to bear witness to all the white law-breakers who lived to brag about the tale.

    We should stop blaming the victims and start looking on how to improve trust and interactions between young black men and police officers. People coming with victim-blaming statements like you are the ones leading to more anger and will of vengeance from the black community. You're citing those dividers, but you could be number one on that list if you refuse to see things in a colour blind way, BOB UDA.

  8. Love your oppressor much? I'm not the biggest fan of the president but i'm not one of his enemies either. Since you are so strong with that pen, why not write a congressman or council leader in support of programs that help keep individuals off the street? Why not write a check to an organization that supports programs to educate and strengthen the community? If you have wonderful! Don't spend your time picking on those who you assume to have a victim mentality. Sounds like you've been knocked on your ass a few times, which is life, however, you also got up. If this country needs as much help as you see it does, pick up that pen and stop sympathizing with the oppressor and take some of those sharp skills you possess to the oppressed.

  9. I know you are not a great mind because you came to the wrong conclusion on every one of your numbered points. It sounds like you are the one with the victim mentality who always seem to consider the black, lawbreaker, and aggressor as the victim. That is so very sad that you are so clouded in your assessment ability that you come up with a strange conclusion based on erroneous facts. I have nothing against people of color because I am one myself.

    I'll give you another shot at it, but this will be the last volley because I like to dialogue with bright people who expand my knowledge and critical thinking skills. You move people backwards because you do not have sufficiently developed logical thinking skills. Perhaps a course or two on logic and reasoning might help, however I have my doubts because you are set in your thinking approach.

    At any rate, have a good life. You seem to be a racist, Lovetohate.


    Dr. Bob Uda

  10. Dr. Bob

    I found two of your articles written elsewhere which seem to not portray what you may want to pass of as the best interest for American people, who are of African descent. In one you encourage Black people to "be an Uncle Tom" (your words right?) and vote for conservative Republicans,like yourself, I imagine because you seem to embody principles of a conservative Republican, in the most recent elections. That could be read by the others in this thread here.
    Surely this article must be satire right?

    In another article, more recent than above, you're condemning Black people by saying they should be left to fend for themselves in their own neighborhoods and ONLY have the Black police officers tend to the communities that they would also probably be scared to take care of given the current state of affairs. That article can be found here for those in this thread as well.

    You sound like a trapper who's out for the fresh kill in the interest of his good ol boy buddies. Not someone who truly cares about his "fellow americans" only his common interests. By luring in the "black vote" you, like many others are aiming at claiming a stake of what could truly change the course of America at any given moment. Let's be honest, you're afraid of Blacks in America. You and many others are deeply concerned about what they would do if they really grasped the concept of their true powers. Instead of relating as a minority who has come up, who could share so much with so many, you find the negatives to exploit for the greater good. Name one game changing Republican that has done ONE great thing for modern day Black people that would be worth supporting...I'll be here. You can list all of the letdowns for Democrats if you want to, personally I don't care for them that much either.

    I see that you are an accomplished individual and leader by your profile described here As a counterterrorist, I could see the only terror you want to counter in these articles is the common fear of non-Black Americans and that would be a revolution and uprising, hence your denouncing of the protests. Don't get me wrong, I don't like the violence either but I admire the voices being lifted up. Blacks in America don't need people like you to lead them as a lamb to the slaughter, nor Sharpton for that matter. They need each other. Black privilege and power can only be found within our own communities. I applaud you for your efforts, but not your attitude.

  11. Part of this last comment is only part of one your articles. No sincerity here, my friend. Please show me your interest in ending racial division by not being a puppet for conservative views only.