Monday, September 29, 2014

Occupy Wall Street: America Run by "White Supremacists"

Occupy Wall Street, which surprisingly still has at least one supporter, is declaring that the United States is run by white supremacists, despite the fact that the President is an African American.

In an article published yesterday, "OWS" declares that America has suffered through a "Summer of White Supremacy."

Referencing Ferguson, Detroit, and "white cops," the article explains that throughout the United States, white people are oppressing black people as much as they can. Not only is it the police, but racist elected officials in the government are doing the same.

"In Detroit," it explains, "Republican Governor Rick Snyder appointed Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr to replace elected officials; a new white mayor, Mike Duggan, now runs the city." As a reader, you are supposed to instantly think "racism" when you read "Republican" and "white mayor."
Occupy Wall Street
The same anger toward whites and Republicans is seen in the next paragraph, which reads: "In Ferguson, the police chief is white, the mayor is white, and five of the six city council members are white. Moreover, the district where Michael Brown attended high school, in which almost all students are black, is controlled by a white, out-of-state Republican."

Despite the fact that these people were elected in their respective towns and states, Occupy Wall Street slams these people, explaining, "Unequal political power perpetuates unequal access to resources."

Near the end, of course, OWS explains that the United States is a "racist society:" "And so the basic rights of more than 10 million underprivileged African-Americans are undermined by the limited resources allocated to them: those deemed worthy by a racist society receive the most, those deemed unworthy receive the least – and have the most exacted from them."

The article sees good news, however, in protests in favor of socialistic planning and the dethroning of "white supremacists."

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