Friday, September 26, 2014

Muslim Who Beheaded Co-Worker Had Felony Assault, Drug Sentences Suspended

Alton NolenAlton Nolen, the man who beheaded a co-worker in Oklahoma, was an evangelizing Muslim, had the phrase, "As-Salaamu Ataikum" tattooed on his body, and had a lengthy arrest and conviction record.

Sgt. Jeremy Lewis of the Moore Police Department stated, "After conducting interviews with co-workers of Nolen's, information was obtained that he recently started trying to convert some of his coworkers to the Muslim religion."

In addition, Nolen had the Arabic greeting "As-Salaamu Ataikum" on his abdomen and, ironically, "Jesus Christ" on his chest.

Nolen also has a lengthy arrest record. Some of his worst offenses were recently suspended.

According to Oklahoma State's "Offender Lookup," Nolen was arrested for a number of felonies, including assault and battery, possession and planning to distribute cocaine, and trying to escape from prison.

The arrest for assault and battery and the arrest for cocaine distribution were separate. The arrest for assault and battery, marijuana possession, and attempted escape from detention all occurred in Logan County, Oklahoma. The cocaine charge took place in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma.

For some reason, Nolen did not serve his entire sentence, then his sentence for possession of a controlled substance (separate from the one listed above) and assault and battery were suspended.

Because of this, Nolen was free to behead a coworker.

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