Thursday, September 18, 2014

Live Updates on Scotland's Vote for Independence


5:49 GMT +1: It's been an eventful and fun night everyone, but I am exhausted and it's time for bed. After 12 hours of straight coverage, I think I've earned a bit of slumber. Good night!

LIVE VOTE TOTALS (as of 4:41 AM, GMT +1):

No: 496,256 votes, 54.93%
Yes: 407,140 votes, 45.07%

4:49 AM GMT +1: From the BBC:

4:34 AM GMT +1: From the BBC: "EAST RENFREWSHIRE RESULT- "No" wins by 41,690 to 24,287. That is 67% for "No" and 33% for "Yes". Total votes 66,021. Turnout 90.4%."

4:34 AM GMT +1: From the BBC: "ANGUS RESULT- "No" wins by 45,192 to 35,044. Total votes cast was 80,302. Turnout is 85.7%."

4:27 AM GMT +1: From the Spectator:

"Falkirk. Yes: 50,489 No: 58,030.

Stirling. Yes: 25,010 No:37,153. That’s 40.2% to 59.8% on a turnout of 90.1%

East Lothian – Yes: 27,467 No:44,283. That’s 38% to 62% on a turnout of 87.6%"

4:20 AM GMT +1: From the BBC: WEST DUNBARTONSHIRE RESULT- "Yes" wins by 33,720 votes to 28,776. That is 54% for "Yes" and 46% for "No". Total votes cast were 62,532, a 87.9% turnout.

Midlothian - Yes: 26,370 No: 33,972. That’s 44% to 56% on a turnout for 86.7%

4:11 AM GMT +1: From the BBC: "WEST DUNBARTONSHIRE RESULT "Yes" wins by 33,720 votes to 28,776. That is 54% for "Yes" and 46% for "No." Total votes cast were 62,532, a 87.9% turnout."

DUNDEE RESULT- "Yes" wins by 53,620 to 39,880. That is "Yes" 57% "No" 43% Total ballot: 93,592. Turnout 78.8%

RENFREWSHIRE RESULT- Posted at 03:55- "No" wins by 62,067 votes to 55,466. That's 53% for "No" and 47% for "Yes". Total votes cast were 117,612 - a turnout of 87.3%."

3:46 AM GMT +1: From the BBC: "INVERCLYDE RESULT- "No" wins by 27,329 to 27,243 - that's 50.1% to 49.9%. The total ballot was 54,601 and the turnout 87.4%."

3:12 AM GMT +1: From the BBC: "Comhairle Nan Eilean Siar. "No" wins by 10,544 to 9,195. That is 53% for "No" against 47% for "Yes". Ballot total: 19,758, a turnout 86.2%."

2:51 AM GMT +1: Shetland results are in! ""No" wins by 9,951 votes to 5,669. That is a vote share of 64% for "No" and 36% for "Yes". The turnout was 15,620."

2:06AM GMT +1: Second results in! "From Orkney- Yes: 4,883 No: 10,004. That’s 33% to 67% on a turnout of 83.7%."

1:46AM GMT +1: The first results are in! "Clackmannanshire – Yes: 16,350 No: 19,036. That’s 46% to 54% on a turnout of 89%."

12:10 GMT +1: The first results are expected in a little less than two hours, at about 2am local time. Nothing completely definitive, but the first official votes of the night.

11:03 GMT +1: YouGov writer: I am "99% certain" that "no" has won.

10:36 GMT +1: Here is YouGov's prediction:

10:32 GMT +1: YouGov says an almost landslide victory for NO, with 54% of voters voting to keep Scotland a part of the United Kingdom. But this is, at best, an educated guess.

10:30 GMT +1: Reporters on the ground are reporting near 100% turnout.

10:23 GMT +1: Apparently, YouGov will release their best, educated guesses on the referendum within a few minutes. It's tough to know because there is a complete lack of exit polling in this vote. Then again, exit polling isn't the most accurate thing in the world. I guess we'll see what they say.

10:00 GMT +1: Polls are now CLOSED. Let the counting begin!

9:39 GMT +1- Somehow, CNN is reporting that "110% of Voters" voted in a recent poll of theirs. Okay then.

9:01 GMT +1- Amazing turnout is being reported, with 95% of possible voters going to the polls.

7:50 GMT +1- That's right: if you're 16, you can vote in Scotland. Go do it if you haven't already!

7:40 GMT +1- The pound is doing very well today:

7:07 GMT +1- Just so you all know, the local polls close at 10 o'clock.

6:59 GMT +1- Lots of comparisons to Quebec's vote for independence:

6:52 GMT +1- Believe it or not, this very simple ballot will decide the future of Scotland:
Scottish Independence Ballot

6:50 GMT +1- #IndyRef is trending on Twitter as well as #Scotland.

6:46 GMT +1- British markets are betting that Scotland stays in the United Kingdom.

6:44 GMT +1- #Scotland, as to be expected, is trending on Twitter.

6:35 GMT +1- The very last poll asking if Scots would vote for independence states that a majority, 53%, would say NO. 47% would say yes.

6:30 GMT +1- The "Yes" campaign tweets:

6:16 GMT +1- Very high turnout in Scotland with big crowds:
Crowds in Favor of Scottish Independence

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