Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Republicans' Racist Revitalization of Detroit

The Daily Beast has one of the worst articles written in the history of mankind. Affectionately entitled "The Republican Occupation of Detroit," the author launches a tirade against Michigan Governor Rick Snyder for trying to save the city.

So what's been happening? Private investment is booming and the city has been able to start the climb out of bankruptcy. The moves will overwhelmingly help the city's poor black population.

But no. Standard leftist talking points state that this, as with any conservative plan (even though administered by a Democrat) is a.) racist and b.) a gift to the "corporations."

The state, and its corporate beneficiaries, want to take over Detroit’s assets so they can bleed the people of Detroit for more profits. And there’s nothing the people of Detroit can do to stop it.

Geniuses. Looks like the debate for Illinois or California in 20 years.

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