Monday, June 30, 2014

Liberals: "Five White Men" Ruled Against Women Today. Um...

Today, the Supreme Court ruled that people cannot be forced by the government to provide contraception if it specifically conflicted with their religious beliefs, and that unions cannot force non-members to give them money.

Liberals showed their knowledge of current events by saying that the justices who ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby were "five white men," despite the fact that one of them, Clarence Thomas, is black. In case you are liberal and don't know who Clarence Thomas is, here is a picture of him:
Clarence Thomas
Despite the fact that Mr. Thomas is not white, uneducated liberals (who, I remind you, are claiming to know enough about the Constitution to have an opinion on the government mandating healthcare), stated that, indeed, Mr. Thomas is white.

Here is just a small excerpt.

"Five white men:"
Five White Men

"Thanks five white men:"
Five White Men 2

Five White Men 3

And on top of not knowing the law, unbelievable ignorance and anger to boot:
Five White Men 4

A few more for good measure:

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