Thursday, May 15, 2014

White Privilege Conference: "Rape" Could Be Good, "Capitalism Maintains White Supremacy," is "Evil"

In what is proving to be extremely crazy rants one after another, speakers at the "White Privilege Conference" continued to impress attendees and horrify the sane with more obtuse speeches. In captured footage, speakers at the conference defended rape as "not intrinsically bad" and stated that capitalism helps sustain white supremacy.

During various workshops, various people spoke to the assembled group. This included a number of college professors. One was Professor Stephanie Baran, who does not like capitalism at all.

"In this particular study, um, if you are more inclined to free-market capitalism," she stated, "you had a higher tendency of holding ethnocentric values.

"For me, capitalism is the all-consuming thing. Capitalism maintains White supremacy, White privilege, racism, sexism, patriarchy, um, heteronormativity. You name it: capitalism!"

Other speakers, such as Professor Adrien Wing, questioned the First Amendment and slammed it for allowing people to say things that she disagrees with. The First Amendment, she explained, allows "so much language that is incredibly hurtful and painful, feeds into the stereotypes, etc. How do we work on that on the local, state, national, and international level?"

Some events did not allow white people and so-called "white allies" asked white people at such events to leave if they were present.
White Privilege Conference
One such white ally explained that "White people do not experience racism. White people can experience discrimination, but not racism."

She went on to say that discrimination against white people is not "intrinsically bad."

"I wouldn't say it's intrinsically bad because we discriminate all the time in our daily life... No, I don't think anything is intrinsically bad. As a sociologist, I think context means everything," she said.

When the "white ally" was asked if rape was "intrinsically bad," she retorted, "It's not." This, naturally, begs the question: when is rape not bad? How could it possibly be good in any way?

During other sections of the conference, Christianity was also slammed. Also, people who sent their children to private schools or who live in gated community were summarily deemed racists.

You can watch some of the scenes unfold below:


  1. Rape is not always evil?

    This is clearly the end time, for Satan to be walking so obviously among us.

  2. I've got a good deal for the conferees. They (almost exclusively self-hating white liberals) and their yammering hoards of offended black and brown people, can all move to any cluster of several states or better yet, another country altogether, and they can establish their own utopia where the main industry is racism and hate directed at white people, along with pi$$ing and moaning about how offended they are. Ordinary white people, meaning those who work for a living, won't be allowed to even approach their borders, the self-hating white liberals can show how anti-white they really are by committing suicide, and the yammering fools of the National Association of Always Complaining People can then dance in the street, celebrating the fact that they will never have to see another white person ever.