Sunday, May 04, 2014

Shock Transcript: IL Senate Linked Obama with Corrupt Blagojevich Ally; Called Him Obama's "Mentor"

In a previously unpublicized transcript from 2004, the Illinois State Senate specifically linked then US Senator-Elect Barack Obama with corrupt politician and Rod Blagojevich ally Emil Jones Jr.

More than simply connecting the two, the transcript specifically calls Jones Mr. Obama's "mentor" and his "political godfather."

The transcript was written on November 8, 2004, soon after Mr. Obama was elected to the United States Senate. Ironically, the subject of the section in which the soon-to-be Senator was linked to Jones was written in praise of Mr. Obama.

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The quote comes from Senate Resolution 716, which was in place to congratulate Mr. Obama on his election to the United States Senate. It lists a number of accomplishments and major life moments of the President, as well as actions he took while serving in the Illinois State Senate.

One of the accomplishments it lists, however, reads (emphasis mine):
WHEREAS, Obama was mentored by his "political godfather", Senate President Emil Jones, Jr., and inspired by his colleagues in the Illinois Senate and public officials across the State

In case you do not know the name "Emil Jones Jr.," let me refresh your memory. Mr. Jones was the President of the Illinois State Senate during part of Mr. Obama's tenure there all the way until 2009. In 2008, he allegedly called a supporter of Hillary Clinton "an Uncle Tom." And while serving in the State Senate in Illinois, he allegedly took part in a backroom and illegal deal to receive Barack Obama's vacant US Senate seat in 2008 in exchange for political favors. Political favors for whom? Former governor and felon Rod Blagojevich. In fact, in 2007, the AP called Jones Blagojevich's "most ardent legislative ally."

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Perhaps teaching Mr. Obama a few tricks, CBS detailed years ago that Jones intentionally used his power as a state senator to pressure and punish his political enemies; specifically, conservatives and Republicans.

CBS also reported that Jones pushed the state to hire members of his family and lobbied the state to give money to organizations which supported him.

Possibly worse than that, Jones allegedly funneled $70,000 of state funds to his wife in the form of a "raise." This raise came a mere two months after she wed Jones and the raise was specifically designed for her.

But, hey, like his time at Jeremiah Wright's church, I am sure Barack Obama never, ever heard about any of this illegal stuff.


  1. Feds finally announce probation “deal” for Obama associate

  2. All of this is hardly news. It's been know and reported elsewhere since Obama emerged on the nat'l scene.

  3. BTW, the website called this a long time ago. See link from Whistleblower below for confirmation.

    Also, Jones was a big supporter of the Chicago-area "charity" Save-A-Life Foundation that has never accounted for nearly $900,000 in state and federal grant monies despite an "investigation" by the IL AG's Office that's been allegedly going on for a couple of years.

    Other big promoters included Senator Durkin, Senator Obama, and then Cong. Kirk (now Senator Kirk) who has endorsed Durkin for re-election, although they're in allegedly different political parties.

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