Tuesday, May 27, 2014

DNC: GOP is Just a Bunch of "Mad Men"

In an odd play on words, the DNC called GOP policies those of "mad men," after referencing the finale of MadMen.

The meme, which the DNC released on the 25th, and then again on the 26th, states that "MadMen is going away until next year, but the GOP's mad men policies remain:"
Mad Men GOP
Initially, the pun appears to call Republicans characters of the show. However, it does not. First, the words MadMen in the post has no space when the Democrats are referring to the show, but has one when referring to Republicans.

Second, the word "Mad" is highlighted in red in the first part of the sentence. In the last part of the sentence, the GOP is highlighted in red. Get it? The GOP is mad. How extremely hilarious of the Democrats!

As usual with DNC memes, this one was almost universally panned:
Mad Men Meme Panned

Most of the criticism of the meme is that, instead of making puns, the DNC should be trying to solve problems in the country, instead of making snarky memes about popular TV shows.

Unlike the last time, however, the DNC has not released a picture of Barack Obama with sunglasses on in response to the criticism.

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