Wednesday, May 07, 2014

DNC Gives Out Advice to Women: "Be Less Polite," "Don't Get that Tattoo," "Go Easy"

In what was first called "advice to my younger self," then later "advice from some of those women" to the average girl, the DNC released confusing and often contradictory "advice" to young Democrat women.

The advice specifically comes from DNC Women's Caucus Members. Some of the advice is common sense, and probably should be followed by both men and women: "be brave," for example.

Then some is a bit random. The DNC itself makes specific note that "we all need a good pair of stretchy pants sometimes." Again, the DNC calls this advice for women in the Democratic party. The later suggestion, "Don't get that tattoo" only makes so much sense. Since it was originally written to some members' younger selves, wouldn't it have made sense to leave this one off if you're going to release it as general advice?

After that there is contradictory advice. One tidbit reads, "Work hard, work smart." Then, directly underneath it, the advice reads, "go easy. You'll turn out just as you are supposed to."

Finally, there is some inexplicable advice, possibly to make people meaner. Whatever the reason (emphasis theirs), "Be a little less polite" somehow makes it on the list.
So, to summarize what the DNC is advising young women: Be brave, but don't get tattoos. Also, kind of be a jerk sometimes. Oh, and work hard, but don't really!

But I'm sure that this is the first time that the DNC has released weird advice or requests. Speaking of which, have you wished our mother Michelle Obama a happy Mother's Day yet?

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