Sunday, April 13, 2014

Frazier Glenn Miller Likely Shooter at Jewish Center

News media is reporting that a Fraiser Glen Cross, Jr., age 73 of Aurora, MO is the shooter at the Overland Park, Kansas Jewish Center. However, it appears that the shooter is more likely Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr., age 73 of Aurora, MO and known anti-Semite and all-around crazy person.

According to Wikipedia, Frazier Glenn Miller is a white supremacist leader and former leader of the White Patriot Party (which used to be a branch of the KKK).

Compare his photo:

To the man that carried out the shooting:


Can't tell much, but certainly seems to be the same person.


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  1. […] didn’t just snap today and shoot up the Jewish Centers. Frazier Glenn Miller Jr. has been a white supremacist leader since the 1980′s. A lot of Miller’s views about Jews sound an awful like like Obama’s buddy Louis […]