Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Oklahoma Communist Party Releases Ad Promising End of Racism, Gay Marriage Under Communist USA

Despite 100 years of historical evidence that communism leads to food shortages, genocide, and police states, the Oklahoma Communist Party, in a recently publicized ad, has promised the exact opposite.

The ad, which evidently was created in 2012 but has only been recently publicized, promises free food, the end of racism, and even gay marriage if communism took over in the United States of America.

No where in the ad are mentions of the atrocities that took place in the Soviet Union or China in the 20th Century, nor the human rights violations that still take place in North Korea and Cuba to this day.

Instead, all the readers see are smiling faces, just so happy that communism has finally taken over the US.

According to the ad, gone would be "wealth inequality." Everyone would get a free education. "Women would have full reproductive rights," and there would be gay marriage for everyone. It almost reminds me of another fellow who's promising the same things.

And, for whatever reason, the picture saying that racism will end portrays several African Americans looking at a camera, holding Skittles in the air.

Here's the ad:
OK Communists
So there you have it! Just let a few, select bureaucrats from the state control your life and everything will be dandy! What could possibly go wrong?

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