Monday, December 23, 2013

ObamaCare Ad Shows "Pajama Boy" Shoving Knife Into Turkey, Slicing Hand Open

Pajama Boy can't seem to do much right. He can't seem to wear pajamas other than a onesie. He certainly cannot get anyone to sign up for the Affordable Care Act. And, according to an ObamaCare ad produced for Thanksgiving, he can't slice a simple turkey without horribly cutting himself.

The picture, released by Organizing for America, warns people of the apparently tragic dangers of cutting the most popular main dish on Thanksgiving.

"Food-related injuries happen a lot this time of year," the ad warns. "It's a good time to talk about getting covered."

Next to the words are paneled pictures. The first is a close-up of a tiny turkey (chicken?) and a knife that is, length-wise, longer than the entire bird. The second is of Pajama Boy, who is revealed to be wielding the knife, looking away, eyebrows raised as usual, as he shoves the sharp object into the turkey. The final picture is his hand heavily wrapped in bandages, as he squeezes it, most likely because it hurts.

You can see the humorously terrible ad below:
Pajama Boy Turkey
Perhaps Pajama Boy had a bit too much of the wine to the left of him that he's clearly been drinking. Perhaps his mommy always makes his food for him (and, from the "hot chocolate ad," probably dresses him too). Either way, poor PB was apparently never taught how to cut his own food, let alone that shoving a carving knife into your hand is bad.

This ad continues (and follows) the trend of ObamaCare ads being woefully under-thought and painfully unfunny. Does Organizing for America honestly believe their ads, and similar ones from other organizations, are effective when they are being mercilessly mocked because of their stereotypical cartoonishness?

But hey, looking at a 20-something man-child stabbing himself with sharp objects really makes you want to buy ObamaCare, right?


  1. Pajama boy is going to learn what a deductible is.

  2. Of course that injury won't exceed the deductible