Tuesday, November 05, 2013

In Early Precinct Reporting, Cuccinelli Leads McAuliffe By 14 Percent; UPDATE: McAuliffe Takes Late Lead

The results are coming in quickly and are likely to change drastically. However, with over 7% of precincts reporting, Republican Ken Cuccinelli is leading Terry McAuliffe by a wide margin.


The votes now stand at:

K. Cuccinelli: 52.3%, 44,295 votes
T. McAuliffe: 38.7%, 32,777 votes


With more than 20% of precincts reporting, Cuccinelli is leading by over 10%:
K. Cuccinelli: 51.5%, 180,541 votes
T. McAuliffe: 40.9%, 143,339 votes


With 30.1% of precincts reporting, Cuccinelli leads by exactly 10%.


With more than 55% in, Cuccinelli leads by 5.36%


With over 86% in, McAuliffe has taken a .1% lead, almost entirely thanks to Fairfax County.

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