Sunday, November 03, 2013

HealthCare.Gov to Be Shut Down DAILY For Maintenance

Last night into this morning, the marketplace was shut down for extended maintenance to fix the tremendous amount of problems the site has.  Apparently, twelve hours and false assurances were not enough to miraculously cure the bedeviled site.

The site has announced that every night they will shut down the "Health Insurance Marketplace online application" to "make improvements."

The announcement was slapped across the top of the site this morning:
Again, this site cost nearly $100,000,000 to build and it has been years since the bill was passed.  And all they can give the nation is maintenance and promises of possible "additional down times."

But, hey, the President has been saying repeatedly that the Affordable Care Act is not just the website.  And he's right, of course.  It's also cutting millions off from their previous insurance, despite the President's promises to the contrary.

It's the lack of security on that has potentially let out sensitive information on thousands of people.  It's also the gigantic jump in premiums that millions of people are experiencing.

A crock of garbage bundled with false promises.  That summarizes the President's time in office, now, doesn't it?


  1. Quick! How many other websites can you name that shut down regularly for maintenance?

  2. On a daily basis ......... NONE!