Wednesday, November 13, 2013

HealthCare.Gov Releases Tips for Site: "Delete History, Delete Cache, Close Browser"

What website that you normally go to requires you to delete your entire internet history, your cache, and then close your browser, just so you can access the site? Hopefully, the answer is "none." If you are unfortunate enough to go to, your answer will be "one."

In a new post on entitled "3 tips to remember when you create a Marketplace account," the site gives tips to users who want to use their site.

The most notable is tip number three, which actually includes numerous "tips" within itself. It reads:
•If pages appear to load slowly, please be patient. Sometimes, it helps to clear out the web browser’s history and cache, close the browser completely and try again.

Another so-called tip is that they've deleted many people's email addresses, so if you've made any progress, congratulations, you have to start all over again:
•If you’re having trouble creating an account, we have reset email addresses in our system to clear out any problems. So go ahead and try again using your email address but you may need to choose a new username.

How many sites do you go to that, after spending hours with little progress, ask you to delete the progress you have made just so you can go through everything all over again? Hopefully, your answer is none.

Here's a screenshot of the "tips" from

3 Tips

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