Monday, November 25, 2013

Gunman Reported on Yale Campus, 11/25/13

According to multiple news reports, Yale University has issued a directive to all students and staff to "shelter in place," as there was an anonymous tip that there was a gunman on the prestigious campus.

The Yale website said that there was a "confirmed report" of a person with a gun on or near the university.

Campus emergency officials sent this message out at 10:17am:
New Haven Police have received an anonymous call from a phone booth in the 300 block of Columbus Avenue (between Howard Avenue and Hallock Street) reporting a person on the Yale Campus with a gun. There have been NO confirmations or sightings of this person. Yale and New Haven Police are in the area. If you have information, please call 911 immediately. The Yale Police Department advises those on campus to remain in their current location until there is additional information.

It was then followed by this message at 11:02:
Confirmed report of person with a gun on/near Old Campus. SHELTER IN PLACE.


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