Thursday, October 03, 2013

Gov't to Shut Down Websites "Even if It Costs More Than Keeping Them Up" to Make Shutdown More Painful

In a move that once again shows that the consequences of the government "shutdown" are being intentionally heightened by the Obama Administration, the government is shutting down websites, even though the cost to shut them down is greater to keep them up.

In other words, even though the President is arguing that the government will do everything to use money wisely during the shutdown, his underlings are intentionally wasting money to hurt the average person.
President Obama
This should come as no surprise to even the most casual political observer, but to have such clear confirmation is, in a way, quite sad. Particularly because it, once again, confirms that the President does not have the best interest of the United States in mind, but rather is looking to inflict damage to score political points.

The Cato Institute reported on the government's callous calculation, quoting a source as saying:
The determination of which services continue during an appropriations lapse is not affected by whether the costs of shutdown exceed the costs of maintaining services.
They go on to report that the guidance from the White House demands: "agencies... pull down “inessential” public-facing content even when this requires spending more money than leaving it up would."

Just as bad, the Cato Institute further reports that some sites have not been taken down, but that, at extra cost, pop-ups have been added to tell people that the site is down... But sites like are still being hosted... and those pop-ups are simply there to pretend that it isn't... and it cost extra money to make them.

And then you have the FTC saying their domain is down: website, saying the FTC domain is down
And then providing a link to... the domain that is up:

And they say conservatives are out to hurt Americans?

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