Thursday, June 20, 2013

Syria's Growing Sectarian War Threatens Iraq Neutrality, Middle East as Whole

Stuck in the middle of Iran's pivotal supply route to Bashar al-Assad's brutal Syrian regime and sectarian fighters on both sides, Iraq is warning the conflict's regional conflict is threatening the rebuilding country's neutrality in the devastating civil war that has claimed over 90,000 lives.

With the conflict spreading from anti-Assad disdain to sectarian bloodshed between his Alawite Shiite sect and the primarily Sunni opposition, both supported by their respective sects in nearby nations and regional powers, international observers have been left with the uncomfortable task of deciphering the conflict's players and often unsavory outside supporters.

Leaving governments in Lebanon and Iraq, both remembering their own civil conflicts, trying to remain on the sidelines and avoid this all-consuming clusterfark while thousands of young men, fueled by Islamic sect loyalty and already trained in this form of street, guerilla violence not only entering the fight - but bringing it to their own streets.

The threat for regional war is very plausible if the Syrian debacle continues to snowball towards disaster and western powers remain slack jawed in and out of the Security Council, watching as Shiite allies during the Iraq War team up with Hezbollah to support Assad while Sunni al-Qaeda sends fighters in support of the rebel opposition.

The time for indecision has long past, and now we must not act just for Syria's sake - but the entire Middle East - before the region is engulfed in war and our interests are tied in the performances of multiple unsavory characters and there's nothing left we can do.

What say you?

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