Wednesday, May 15, 2013

White House Takes Charge on Media Shield Law, After Justice Caught Seizing AP Records

Two days after the bombshell that Associated Press phone records were secretly seized by the Justice Department in an ongoing investigation into a national security leak, causing severe backlash from both journalists and civil rights organizations, the White House is taking steps to mend fences.

According to the Politico: officials within the White House have asked Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to reintroduce media shield legislation, which would protect reporters ,and other media officials, from revealing sources - except in cases of national security and only by subpoena - or having them seized.

Uh huh... Funny, how the White House is suddenly taking the charge in shielding the media from revealing sources or government intrusion after their Justice Department seized two months worth of AP records to conduct their investigation. I'm sure this is just coincidence...

This is nothing but a classic political chess move by the White House - see, look at this bishop over here, menacing your little pawn, don't look at the Queen attempting to sneak out the back way from scrutiny. It sickens me. Just as heads have fallen at the IRS, so should they from the Justice Department.

What say you?

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