Saturday, May 11, 2013

Rand Paul Heads to Iowa to Blast Hillary on Benghazi

HT: Politico

If it talks like a presidential candidate, walks like a presidential candidate, and heads to Iowa to make a Lincoln Dinner speech bashing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the foreign policy scandal of Obama's administration, then its probably a presidential candidate.

That's the only formula I can use when explaining Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and his early actions in the 2016 election: he has begun the process of mainstreaming his views on foreign policy, placing his flag on a issue such as Benghazi to blow the whistle, while taking the role as staunchest questioner on Capitol Hill in discussions, foreign and domestic.

And unless you like flying to Iowa in early May, three years before the first in the nation caucuses, and rail against potentially our strongest opponent on her greatest political liability in front of a packed room of red blooded American for no obvious political reasons, Rand is thinking 2016.

Which is good either way for the Republican Party, because besides for Hillary Clinton's mismanagement of Benghazi - before, during and after the attack that cost the lives of four Americans - there really isn't much to attack her on. And who better then the man who told her flat out she should have been fired during a Senate hearing?

So keep going Rand... Keep attacking Hillary and demanding answers on Benghazi, your only helping yourself and your party's 2016 cause.

What say you?

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