Monday, May 06, 2013

Libyan Parliament Votes 164-4 to Exclude Gaddafi-Era Officials


After months of public demands and even local militias surrounding the Justice and Foreign Affairs Ministries in Tripoli, the General National Congress passed a law excluding all key Gaddafi-era officials from serving in government for a unknown amount of time.

The law, which parliament passed by a decisive 164-4 margin, will now be under the supervision of a special commission to implement it and hopefully define what a "key official post" means, as it will be helpful to know whether every Libyan who ever served under Gaddafi will be banned from public service, or just his leaders.

Both the current Libyan Prime Minister and Speaker of the GNC served as diplomats under Gaddafi, and I would hate to see men who defected from his reign of terror and have taken up leadership positions in their new government disqualified, because there are literally no Libyans who have served in their government for four decades who haven't done so under the now-deceased former tyrant.

Hopefully, with the Libyan Parliament squaring away a major concern from the past, they can focus on the problems of the present: disbanding the power hungry local militias and rebuilding this once great North African nation to its prime.

What say you?

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