Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dear Barry.....welcome to America,

Dear Barry, welcome to American politics, where when you throw
everyone under the bus, you end up under the bus yourself;

where when you lie about everything, no one believes anything;

where when you make enemies of everyone, you end up being
everyone's enemy.

Welcome to American Education, where 1st graders are taught
the difference between the truth and a lie and where cheating is
frowned upon.

Welcome to American culture Barry, where we keep the name
we were born with, because we are proud of who we are and
where we came from.

Welcome to the American church Barry, where we believe in
actually trying to obey the scriptures.

Welcome to American marriage Barry, where we believe that
a husband is a man, and a wife is a woman.

Welcome to working America Barry, where we take a real job
to better ourselves and our families, where we believe in keeping
what we earn.

Welcome to America Barry, where we believe that killing babies
is murder, not an industry to be tapped for campaign funds.

Welcome to America Barry, where we believe our Constitution
is the basis for our freedom, and for which belief we still will
give our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

Welcome to America Barry -- where on earth
did you come from?

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