Saturday, May 11, 2013

China: Relations With North Korea Has Reached Lowest Point Since 1953

From the People's Daily Online, an official arm of the Chinese propaganda machine:
In shortwe cannot simply "abandonNorth KoreaNo matter the nature of the regime in North KoreaChina always has security interests in the Korean Peninsula
Beijing has already adjusted its policies toward North KoreaTargeting North Korea'unfriendly actionswhich have threatened peace on the peninsulaChina has issued warnings and punishmentsThe relationship between China and North Korea has reached its lowest point since 1953. 
Neverthelessthis does not mean that China wants to completely abandon North Korea.North Korea is not a satellite state of ChinaWe cannot "abandonitChina'punishment and sanctions on North Korea are aimed to maintain our own security interests
Wow. Not only did the Chinese provide political cover for the United States and our allies increasing our military presence on the troubled Peninsula and targeting the North Koreans strategically, but they all but threw their old friends in Pyongyang under the bus in this remarkably pointed article.

I'd be concerned if I happened to be in North Korean high command, because a military buildup or drills conducted by the United States or Seoul is normal every day life when your threatening both nations with thermonuclear obviation, but potential defection by your only protectorate state on the planet could mean continuous onslaught from the U.N. and even fewer precious resources, such as food, entering your land.

Things could be getting very interesting diplomatically on the Korean Peninsula as China's untrustworthy policy towards Pyongyang intensifies with further deterioration of politics within the Kim Jong-Un regime.

What say you?

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