Sunday, February 03, 2013

Why Did the Power Go Out at the Super Bowl?

Right when Phil Simms was speaking, the entire Super Dome lost power. Half the lights went out, no announces spoke, and CBS went straight to commercial. The score board is out as well. No injuries have been reported.

The play before was a hand-off up the middle by the 49ers for a three-yard gain.

Update: CBS reports the game should go back on in about 15 minutes.

The score was 28-6 Ravens.

Update 2: The outage was caused by a power surge.

Update 3: A video of the outage:

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  1. This seems a little TOO convenient for the 49ers.

  2. Really?? You really think the 49ers somehow sabotaged the game by making the lights go out? God, some people are stupid.