Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Senate Armed Services Committee to Vote on Hagel Nomination

Despite Republican objections, Senator Levin (D-Michigan), Chairman of the powerful Senate Armed Services Committee has scheduled a public discussion, and vote, on the nomination of former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel, who President Obama has selected to replace Defense Secretary Panetta.

The vote, which is expected to follow party-lines, will take place this afternoon and will likely approve his nomination and send it to the floor for the consideration of the entire U.S. Senate.

Hagel's nomination is all but guaranteed at this point, as he has the public support of an near-filibuster proof majority (all 55 Democrats and 2 Republicans), while an additional four GOP members have vowed not to join any attempt to filibuster his nomination. Leaving us with an unqualified, divisive figure soon to become our leader on Defense.

What say you?

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