Sunday, February 03, 2013

Ravens Win Super Bowl after Myriad of No-Calls

Super Bowl XLVII will go down as one of the wildest, weirdest, and in the end, most disappointing Super Bowls of all time.

The 49ers went down big early. At one point they trailed 28-6. Then a power outage knocked the lights out of the Superdome and the Ravens. San Francisco proceeded to go on a rampage, getting as close as 31-29. Then the replacement refs either came back on the field without telling anyone, or the normal refs instantly went blind.

With the score 31-29, the 49ers went for a two point conversion after scoring a touchdown. Though the Ravens were clearly offsides, no flags were thrown and QB Colin Kaepernick threw an incomplete pass.

Later, with less than two minutes left, on 4th and goal, the 49ers went for it, down 34-29. TE Vernon Wells was tackled in the end zone before the ball was even thrown, and fell as the ball went just over his fingers. The penalty was blatant, but the yellow stayed in the refs' pockets.

Even when the Ravens took an intentional safety with less than 10 seconds left, there was clear holding in the end zone against the 49ers, which allowed another 5 seconds to run off the clock. No flag again.

Quite frankly, it was a great game that turned absolutely awful in the last few minutes. I am extremely disappointed with how terrible the refs called the game in the final quarter, particularly after calling it so well in the three before.

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  1. You missed the blatant bear hug on 49ers #46 during the kick return for a TD. He was the player supposed to plug the gap. He was held by no less than TWO players at the same time with their arms wrapped completely around him. This hold began when Jones reached the 6 and ended when Jones was 20 yards down field. The ref was standing right there. Did not even reach for a flag.
    You also missed the helmet to helmet hit on the 2nd and goal at the end. That would have been half the distance to the goal and a first down.
    The Ravens seemed to notice that they would never get called because their illegal activities kept getting more and more blatant. By the end they just didn't seem to believe a flag would ever be thrown... and it wasn't.

  2. absolutely disgusting the nfl is trash

  3. And don't forget the lack of a call or ejection after Balitimore's Williams straddled a 49er and proceeded to punch him a few times then got up and shoved a ref and went after another one.

    Stay classy, Baltimore...