Sunday, February 10, 2013

Liberals Rush to Defend Murderer Christopher Dorner; "A True Patriot Hero"

The Main Stream Media has been deafeningly silent on madman Christopher Dorner's liberal leanings. Dorner supports gun control. Dorner loves President Obama. Dorner said of Piers Morgan, "I agree with you 100%."

Much of the reason is clear: the MSM desperately wants to paint conservatives as violent lunatics. They did so after Representative Giffords was shot. They said that James Holmes was a Tea Party member despite zero evidence whatsoever. But for some, there is another reason: they support what Dorner has done.

On Occupy Wall Street's website, a headline blares, "Christopher Jordan Dorner Is A True Patriot Hero: LAPD Getting Everything It Deserves." While the post notes, "This content is user submitted and not an official statement," the sentiments of the liberals on that site are laid bare by their statements.

User "quantumystic" explains:
User "anonymousblatant" tells his fellow liberals to read Dorner's rambling, murderous manifesto, explaining:
MattLHolck says it's all likely "a set up:"
"Therewatching" laments:
What has to go through your head to defend someone who murdered three people? Clearly nothing, but what else is new?

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