Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Is Christopher Dorner Dead?

Police have found a charred body that they believe may be Christopher Dorner, who was likely killed in a shootout with police today.
A source told the Associated Press that a charred body was found in rubble of the cabin.  Sources told KTTV that the body appeared to be Dorner, but there was no official confirmation. 
Dorner, who hours earlier had killed one San Bernardino sheriff's deputy and wounded another before barricading himself in the cabin, in the San Bernardino mountains, was believed to be inside. Dorner, who vowed not to be taken alive, had been surrounded inside the cabin since early Tuesday afternoon. It was not clear who set the fire in the Big Bear community where Dorner apparently has been hiding since sometime last week.


  1. There was no body found. That was an untrue statement. LAPD said they have not even gotten into the house yet because the house is still too hot.

  2. Also, they do not know for a fact it was Dorner in the shoot out today. They just know it was someone matching his description. They won't know if it was him until, or if, they find and body and identify it.

  3. I hate cunts who spread false news.

  4. The facts are that Christopher Dorner is not dead like they are saying here he escape again and believed now to be in Mexico. So no lies please.

    1. The facts are you are fucking retarded: