Sunday, February 03, 2013

French President Hollade Visits Timbuktu


French President Francois Hollande visited the fabled City of Timbuktu yesterday after a joint coalition of French and Malian soldiers liberated the ancient city from Islamist terrorists earlier in the week.

Local residents, thrilled at their liberation and France's decision to intervene, danced in the streets with jubilation and even offered Mr. Hollande a camel as thanks for his leadership on this conflict, which has gone on in Mali for almost nine months, with western involvement starting just 3 weeks ago.

Although the French led counter-assault against the Islamist aligned Tuareg rebels has successfully pushed back the brutal sharia compliant oppressors, liberating several ancient and important cities, there is still much to do as the Islamists simply ran into the Sahara rather then oppose the French.

But Mr. Hollande is definitely well within his right to celebrate in Timbuktu - his decision freed the good people of that city from a living hell on earth - and it likely prevented the collapse of Mali into complete oblivion and absolute islamist control where terror camps would rule with free reign and a former bulwark against Al-Qaeda would be transformed into our greatest foe in the War on Terror.

What say you?

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