Thursday, February 07, 2013

Christopher Jordan Dorner Information

 Christopher Domer is the suspect in two grisly killings. He is currently on the run.
Dorner was with the department from 2002 until 2009, when he was fired for making false statements. Quan's father, Randal Quan, a former LAPD captain who became a lawyer in retirement, represented Dorner in front of the Board of Rights, a tribunal that ruled against Dorner at the time of his dismissal, LAPD Capt. William Hayes told The Associated Press Wednesday night. Dorner reportedly alleges Quan did not adequately represent him in the case. reports Dorner says in the manifesto he doesn't mind dying, because he feels he died the day he was fired from the LAPD.

"I never had the opportunity to have a family of my own ... (so) I am terminating yours," Dorner writes, apparently addressing Randal Quan.
Update: His manifesto.

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  1. He was fired for what? When others that did worse are protected and LAPD wants Manefesto read on the radio. Hmmm, there is alot here we will never know after he is dead.

  2. I'm on Dorners side on this one. Hope he accomplishes what he's set to do.

  3. Dead men tell no tales!