Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Christopher Dorner Cornered in Big Bear Lake

According to news reports, accused murderer Christopher Dorner has been cornered in a cabin located in Big Bear Lake within San Bernadino County.

Dorner, who has been hunted by authorities across Southern California since he murdered three people - including a police officer - in Los Angeles as part of his delusional war on the LAPD for firing him in 2008 for making false police brutality charges against a fellow officer.

He has become the most wanted man in the state's history.

Apparently, when nearing a police roadblock near Big Bear Lake this afternoon: Dorner stole a vehicle, wounded two sheriff's deputies after opening fire on them and was forced to barricade himself in a rural cabin, where the Sheriff has requested helicopters stay clear as shots are currently being exchanged.

Stay tuned, as this could finally be the end of Dorner's war on the LAPD and the State of California's largest manhunt in history.

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